"Mmmh, this evening has been rather dull. I wonder what the meat sacks are up to tonight…

"Oh…and my partners, preferably…"

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//Just remember guys.

If you and I have had a roleplay going on, and it has gotten lost in tumblr somewhere and you find it…don’t be shy to ask if you want to continue. You can always send me the link to the last reply, etc. (I always tag who I roleplay with and I use the search on my page to find said tags.)

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OOC: Confessions and Things About AUs/Roleplaying

Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a terrible mood overall the past few weeks that I’m actually talking about this on this tumblr. I generally try not to be pessimistic or negative (outside of roleplay of course) but I just…need to get some things off of my chest.

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I’m getting really sick of this. [OOC post.]

It feels like every time I log onto tumblr, I generally see at least one hate post from an anon regarding someone’s roleplaying account. They usually describe how much that person sucks at roleplaying the character (or how their OC is shitty), how they never do anything “right” or “fun” or “drama-filled” or “deal with development of any sort”, and then insult the person themselves with something offensive like “go die” or “stop roleplaying” or anything along those lines.

Seriously, STOP. These people that chose to roleplay (be it an already-existing character or an original character) do so for many reasons. People connect with characters all of the time and want to show their own creativity about they think the character would act. Some are fans that simply want to pretend they are a figure they admire. Others like to write, design and build complex situations. Some do it for the lols and other do it simply for fun.

It doesn’t matter WHY someone does it, but it is NOT nice and NOT right to tell someone they suck for any reason, unless said-person is actually being an asshole. And usually that’s not the case. Most of the time these anons (generally someone the person knows/knows of) are just trying to get a rise out of you and make you feel bad about yourself. It all results down to bullying, period.

They want to feel better about themselves, or alleviate boredom, or troll you for some stupid reason or another. They’re too scared to actually talk to you face-to-face about what they might find wrong with you, or they may even be a friend having problems with you. Instead of being mature about how they feel, they pull childish pranks like telling someone to go kill themselves under the guise of a grey-face.

Regardless, there are some things to keep in mind: these people have no power over you (unless they are going at great lengths to harass you via personal means). You can always take off anonymous questions, or not respond to these remarks, or simply turn off questions period. For anons that aren’t serious about harassment, they will usually leave people alone if they are ignored. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that none of the terrible things these people say is true. Don’t ever believe the nasty remarks they’ll give you. Every single one of you is awesome in your own way. And even if you don’t feeling your roleplaying is good enough, or your grammar/spelling is lacking, or that you think you don’t bring enough to the character: who cares? Have fun. This is all about your enjoyment, and your own development as a person.

Don’t feel discouraged because these people are throwing hate at you. Don’t feel upset because “this character has tons of people playing them” or “I think my interpretation of so-and-so sucks”. None of that is as important as your enjoyment of what you are doing.

That’s the best part about roleplaying. And that’s the best part about YOU. Because you are what makes the fandoms, you are what makes all of this possible and you are the determiner of your own development as a creative writer.

Much love to all! Now get out there and roleplay to your heart’s content!

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"Anybody want to keep a girl company?"

"Though plant-life often keeps me pre-occupied." Pamela grins as her slender fingers stroke over the petals and leaves of the flowers around her, as she rested herself at the edges of the forest. She was propping her body up with her palms as one leg folded over the other. The sun’s dying light was still radiant and warm, and the redhead was catching the last of its rays before it settled down for yet another evening.

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"Moonlight doesn’t do me much good…"

Ivy grumbled a little, climbing down from her perch at the top of a rather tall tree. She ruffled her hair a little. “If only the sun were out…” she sounded rather glum, running her hands on the trunk before resting her back against it. 

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Relaxing. (Open RP)

"Hm…I hope everyone has been doing alright…" Pamela stretches a little as she relaxes by the small river in Gotham’s forest, which lined along its western border. It felt more at home than the gardens that had been burned down by Day, though she did long to go to the Amazon or any other untamed environment. Maybe one day, she’d bring Gar there. She was he’d love it.

She sat on the back of the water, hands to her sides as her palms held her up with her feet twirling around in the river. She watched as fish darted past her green flesh, a soft smile creeping on her lips as she now ran a hand over the surface. Any animal she saw now reminded her of the man she had been spending so much time with, and it changed her view on the once-called meatsacks…well, those that weren’t human at least.

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The evening’s calm (Open RP)

It had been a while since Pamela had gone snooping on rooftops. But she wasn’t necessarily deep in the heart of Gotham, more near the edges of it. She didn’t want to stay too far from the forest, which she had made her new home. Being too far from plant-life always made her feel nauseated and homesick, regardless of where ever she was situated at the time being. The current rooftop she had stumbled upon was actually a large green house; most of it was open and there was one small actual glass-shed that contained younger plants. Certainly she was trespassing, but who would know?

As she walked throughout the man-made gardens, the plants around her seemed to react to her presence. It looked as if they were watching her, eager for her to come close. Her radiance seemed to make them grow faster, and a smile stretched out those green lips of hers as she witnessed their growth with her emerald gaze. She sent out a burst of her pheromones, though it was a little different in scent and style. The plants continued to leer towards her, continuing to get bigger ever so slightly.

The green woman tread lightly on the balls of her feet as she paced, her hips swaying in that ever-hypnotic gyration. It was second nature to her to walk like that, regardless of where she was or who she was with. Her slender fingers graced petals and leaves as she walked by, skin glowing from all of the life around her. It was always amazing, even if these were managed by meat sacks. 

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When you see a normal roleplay going on, then a “read more”.

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